I am a graphic designer who calls himself a ‘independent creative director’. I love editorial design projects (such as magazines, campaigns and publications). They give me the opportunity to combine the things which I rock at: a clear vision, sharp editorial insight, keen eye for quality content, smart ideas and professional graphic design. Plus a dash of quirkiness and a ‘let’s do it/hands on’ mentality.

Clients ask me for advice and to solve ‘unsolvable’ problems. I like the challenge to design innovative solutions. The great variety in clients (from commercial businesses to government to non-profit organizations to education) and self-initiated projects keep me constantly up-to-date and in the midst of a large network of the best professionals.

  • Initiator/founder of i.a. Live Magazines® / CC Reader / Facing Pages / Das Lokett / Geranium Sessies / Nieuwe Arnhemse Krant & O.K. Parking. It gets very personal with the Esk-Esque and Effesk projects
  • Frequently asked for lectures, workshops, thinktank, jurymember and as blues musician. 🙂
  • Printlover! Print isn’t dead, it just smells funny.


Roermondsplein 33
6811 JN, Arnhem
the Netherlands

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