Facing Pages / Biennale on Independent Magazines

    Facing Pages was the leading biennale on independent magazines in Europe. During several days the city centre of Arnhem was transformed into a free haven for magazine makers and lovers. Facing Pages hosts a symposium with lectures and magazine presentations, exhibitions, parties and more to celebrate the power of print!

    Between 2010-2016 I founded and initiated Facing Pages as a magazinelover who was missing something. A physical platform and momentum to meet fellow print enthusiasts. Working as an independent magazine maker for over 10 years at that time, I knew the moment was there to organize this huge project. Together with a big team we organized Facing Pages 3 times. At the moment it’s impossible for us to organize Facing Pages with the same love, fun, time and effort we used to do.

    Besides that, one of the reasons why we started, back in 2010, is because we felt there was something missing. There was no physical platform and momentum for makers and enthusiasts to meet up and learn from each other. In the meantime so much has changed. There are a lot of great events about (independent) magazines and publishing around the world. There’s a thrilling online community with several important blogs and websites which continue to amaze on a daily basis.

    Go find them and keep doing what we want you to do. Share, show and tell your stories in the most amazing magazines you can make.